Ziggity-Zaggity Fingerless Mitts

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Ziggity-Zaggity Mitts

The ziggity-zaggity texture pattern on these fingerless mitts look like squished greater than and  less than symbols which is cool. Math related knits, very nerdy indeed. Only Squashed-Greater-than-Less-Than-Symbol Mitts was a terrible name so they became  Ziggity-Zaggity Mitts.




These fingerless mitts are worked top down, which may seem a bit wonky at first but works out justfine. They are only in one size but could easily be resized by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches. Also, the thumb hole can be made larger by increasing the number of decreases.





Red Rich Capelet

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I made this cute little capelet for my younger cousin as a Christmas present. She is only 9, but I made this little caplet big enough to fit me so she’ll be able to wear it for a while. The glittery yarn is actually very soft and nice to work with. The yarn over increases on the body of the capelet make a swirl which is reminiscent of an ice cream cone but with the long ribbed turtle neck and thick yarn you won’t be chilly at all! The caplet I made is only 10 inches long from the base of the neck, so on a smaller child it will be more like a poncho while on a larger child or adult it will fit like a capelet.

Red Rich Capelet


The lovely Mr. Bear model the Red Rich Capelet


I would like to thank Mr. Bear for modeling the caplet. For some perspective, Mr. Bear is about 36 inches tall when standing but in the photo he is sitting down.

Tilting Tardis Fingerless Mitts

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I made the Tilting Tardis Cowl by Marilyn Phillippi just recently and thought that some matching gloves would be nice so here they are! The lace pattern is a little different, I added little purled panels, but it has the same number of stitches as the original pattern.

Tilting Tardis fingerless mitts (corrected)

Tilting Tardis Fingerless Mitts


K-9 Doggie Jumper

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A cute sweater for dogs to dress up as everybody’s favorite Doctor Who character, K-9! This sweater is simple, easy to adjust,  and only takes a few hours to make. Très cute? Affirmative.

Model: Bonnie

I wish I had better pictures of the sweater on the model, but for the first time in her life my dog is camera shy!


K-9 Doggie Jumper

Sorry I haven’t done much!

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I haven’t posted anything since my first post. I feel a bit silly about that but I’ve been really busy and haven’t written up any patterns lately. I’m planning a knitted pair of fingerless mitts and I have two winter ear-wraps that I have to write that patterns up for. I hope to have these done soon!

Ariel Pattern

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The Ariel Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

The pattern is in a pdf file here: Ariel_Fingerless_Gloves